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UKO Debut - 2004

Career Highlights - Tag Team Champion, Hardcore Champion

Age - 20

Height - 6 Foot 1

Weight - 235 Pounds

From - Mexico

Also Known As - "Oreo","Jar Jar","The Insane Vortex","Texas Tornado" 

Finishing/Signature Moves - Nuclear Typhoon,Body Bender,JAR,Tornado


When Cyclone was signed to he UKO he instantly started a heated feud with his brother Double L.They faced off with eackh other in many matches,most memorably a ladder match.Double L and Cyclone eventually came to terms and ended their feud outside the ring. After the feud ended he persued the Inner American title. After a while he had failed to win the Inner American title so he joined his brother and persued the tag team titles, but split up after losing a fight for the titles against the Brothers From Hell. After the match they both blamed each other for the loss restarting the feud. After finally picking up a win over Double L that injured him, he joined The King and Trixter to win the tag team titles. He later left the tag team and redebuted with the 5 foot 5 Twister.He then won the Hardore title in an over the top rope battle. 

Getting To Know Cyclone


UKO:Why did you quit the tag team with Trixter and The King?

Cyclone:Because I wanted a pet midget for a partner.And The King and Trixter didn't like that.(laughs)

UKO:So why did you decide to join the UKO instead of trying out for the WWE?

Cyclone: I don't want to be a jobber.

UKO:So are you planning on going after the tag team titles?

Cyclone: Yes.I want to be the first double champion.

UKO:So what makes you different from the other soldiers on the roster?

Cyclone: I'm super funny.

UKO:Anything Else?

Cyclone:My boss put me on probation for hitting 100 Dolares backstage,damn that guy.And the boss to



Movie : Lion King(laughs)

Book  : I really don't like reading

Music : no music

CD    : I don't like music

Artist: I don't like music

Food  : Chicken from KFC

Show  : Oblongs


Shoes :Nike