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Ultimate KnockOut Wrestling Information

 There has been no results for a couple of weeks now, we have been very busy we aren't going to post those results, here is an overview, The King has been injured so he'll be out for a while (not to mention that he is taking time off to work with King Entertainment[his record company]), Betty Loggy is still the womans champion, this next week we will have a match for the tag team titles (unknown team). That's about it, and Max Power has just returned from a long suspention due to issues. We have a myspace. www.myspace.com/uko_wrestling  We have extra information there.Now this site is still UNDER MINOR CONSTRUCTION,so please be patient.We greatly apreciate it.


The King's official site is now up.Results will now be available every Wednesday night both on the myspace and here.

Questions/Comments,Or Job Info

If you would like a job in the UKO,please email us at uko_wrestling@yahoo.com You can also direct questions or comments to that email or at the Guest Book