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Getting To Know:Malcom McTwist

Thursday August 03, 2006                   

 Many of you may know him as "Twister", but he has changed name to disconnect relations with Cyclone                        


UKO: So what do you think about Cyclone's recent betrayal on you and The King during the match?

Twister: I don't know what to say about it, but I'm angry.

UKO: Do you plan on staying his partner or not?

Twister: No, I am to angry at him, I am planning to stay in the tag team division and help kick Cyclone's ass.

UKO: What about the mask you are wearing, is it not the official Cyclone squad mask?

Twister: I don't know, I might take off the mask and wrestle without any it.

UKO: Any idea who you are going to team up with?

Twister: The King probably, Trixter has stated that he will stay with Cyclone, who knows though. 


Movie : Anything

Book  : Davinci Code

Music : Reggeaton

CD    : Barrio Fino

Artist: Don Omar

Food  : Nachos

Show  : Futurama

Clothes:South Poles

Shoes: Addidas

Getting To Know: Cyclone

Sunday July 23,2006                   


UKO:So what do you think helped you remain undefeated up until now?

The King:Probably my training,I started when I was 13.

UKO:So why did you decide to join the UKO instead of trying out for the WWE?

The King:Well I thought that it would'nt fit me to be in WWE with all the gimmicks and scripts.

UKO:so why did you join with Trixter,you feuded with each other for months before that?

The King:I thought he was good,what better way to see how strong someone is than to fight him for months.

UKO:So what makes you diffrent from the other soldiers on the roster?

The King:The fact that I wrestle diffrent,most of my moves I created myself.Plus I'm the only one who uses rap as an entrance song.

UKO:Anything Else?

The King:Yeah,Don't do drugs,no i'm just playing.F*@# you Farhad!!


Movie : Scary Movie 4 &Cheech y Chong's Up In Smoke

Book  : Bible

Music : Rap

CD    : Reality Check

Artist: Eminem & 2Pac

Food  : Pizza

Show  : South Park


Shoes: Jordans & Filas

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