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   August 09,2006 

  The night was started with the Cyclone making his way to the ring with Trixter for a match, his opponent was unknown, many people thought it would be Twister due to their breakup. It wasn't Twister, it was Cyclone's former rival, 100 Dolares. The two were in the ring trading lefts and rights. Then Dolares used the Money Maker and got a two count. Then Trixter pulled the referee out of the ring while Cyclone got a chair and hit Dolares. The ref banned Trixter from the ring and got in in time to see Cyclone hit the Nuclear Tornado followed by a Body Bender for a submission victory. Cyclone was celebrating the victory by taunting and laughing in Dolares face when The King came out and used the Homicide Slam and Genocide and said something to him .

 Next McTwist came out for his match, he was no longer wearing the Cyclone Squad mask. X Per E Ment came out and hit speared McTwist before the bell rang. McTwist fought back with new style, new moves and everything. X Per E Ment quickly used the Fatal Mistake. X was dominating for a while doing just about every move in his arnsenal. He then tried to finish the match by pin, but McTwist kicked out. X got angry and picked Twist up and threw him at the turnbuckle.X went for the Fatal Blow but McTwist reversed it to the Twisty. Twister then used the Mc Slam for the three count on X Per E Ment.

 It was finally time for the tag team titles to have owners. It was the Doom Doctors versus Stars in a tornado match. Encore came out with Stars and sat at the commentary table. She started talking about how Doom Doctors are posers and leeps on going the whole match. The Stars get in and start out with a Double Bomb on Mace. Tranquilizer ran at them and hit the deadly needle. Mace got up and threw Sharns outside the ring after a Vadericer. The Doom Doctors both looked at each other and smiled as they double teamed Sycho with various moves. Tranquilizer went for the pin but Sharns slid in the ring and stopped the count. The Tranquilizer used the Deadly Needle on Sharns while Mace used the Vadericer for a double pin. The belts finally had owners.

 Next it was time for the womans championship match. Betty Loggy came out and got the microphone and said she was the new thing here and that Jack O Lantern was old news. Jack O Lantern came out and the two started fighting. Betty slapped Jax in the face twice then head scissors. Jack O Lantern used the Jumpin Jax on Betty and started laughing. She went to the crowd and kissed a man in the crowd. Betty got up and went to gt ax and threw her in the ring by the hair. Betty used the Loganator and then stole Jack O Lanterns special by doing the Jumpin Jax for the pin. The newest champion for months.


Cyclone def. 100 Dolares

McTwist def. X Per E Ment

Doom Doctors def. Stars for titles

Betty Loggy def. Jax for title

Last Weeks Results

     July 26,2006

 The night started with the manager coming out and reporting that Max Power's Scheduled fight against Luis was cancelled due to Max being suspended,and that instead it would be Trixter versus Luis next week for the Inner American title.

 After the manager left the arena,Jack O Lantern made her way to the ring announcing an open challenge for the womans championship. Frijoles theme hit and out she came.The two wasted no time to start fighting.Referee Ricardo Stradon ran out and the bell rang.Jack O Lantern backed Frijoles into a corner and used the Jumpin Jax for the three count.

 After that Re Born and former Hardcore champion Sexy Boy faced the redebuting Mace Vader and partner Tranquilizer.Mace started the match off against Sexy Boy,with Sexy Boy quickly using the Strut to take Mace down.Sexy Boy and Reborn were trying to keep Mace away from his partner for most of the match until Mace hit the Mace Blow and tagged Tranquilizer in.Tranquilizer wasted no time using the Deadly Needle on Sexy Boy.Tranquilizer tagged in Mace and he used the Jumping Blow on Sexy Boy for a three count.

 Next Ex Per E Ment made his way to the ring to face off against 100 Dolares.The two were facing off for a while until Ex Per E Ment knocked out the referee and tried to use a chair,but 100 Dolares used the Money Maker and money shot followed by pin attempt,but ref was still out.100 dolares tried to wake up the ref but coudn't.Ex Per E Ment woke up and hit the Fatal Mistake.Out came senior referee Bob to count the three count for a victory for Ex Per E Ment.

Next Matt faced Flexter in a ladder match.Flexter used the Flexanator and ran outside to get a ladder.As he was getting in the ring Matt got up and speared Flexter.Matt tried to climb but Flexter got up and knocked down the ladder.Flexter then picked up the ladder and waited for Matt to get up.When Matt was getting up Flexter ran at him and hit him with the ladder.Flexter set the ladder up and called Smithsonian out to hold Matt down.Flexter picks up a win at 18 min.

 Next The King made his way to the ring and stated that he wanted Far Had in the ring now.Far Had came out with Kindor and Sharns and said that he wouldn't fight The King until next week.Trixter came to the ramp and threw Far Had in the ring and was trying to defend himself against Kindor and Sharns.Trixter was getting beat down outside the ring so The King tried to go help him but Far Had wouldn't let him.Then their former partner Cyclone made his way to the arena with Twister to help them.Twister and Trixter fought outside the ring while The King and Cyclone used the F'n Froggy(former tag team speacial)to clear house.


Jack O Lantern def. Frijoles to Retain

Doom Doctors def. Sexy Boy & Reborn

Ex Per E Ment def. 100 Dolares

Flexter def. Matt in Ladder Match