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UKO Debut - 2003

Career Highlights - Hardcore Champion,2 time tag team champion

Age - 35

Height - 6 Foot 2

Weight - 280 Pounds

From - Orlando,Florida

Also Known As - "The Maniac" 

Finishing/Signature Moves - Crazy Driver


Sycho debuted in the tag team division with Sharns as the Stars.Together they attacked anyone who would dare disrespect Far Had.After months they decided to go after the tag team championships.They finally won the titles from Ex Em & Extreme.They held on to those titles for three months before losing them.When he lost them the tag team split until late 2005.They would recapture the titles beating Re Born & Kindor.Then The King,Cyclone and Trixter teamed up and took the titles.Sycho then would go after the Hardcore championship.He would win it in December of 2005 but once again lose it to Cyclone.Since then Sycho and Sharns are trying to recapture the tag team titles.